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Although a small Practice, we pride ourselves in being able to offer your pet the best care possible with the latest in Veterinary Technology.  Here's some of the services we can offer your pet...

· Physical examinations

· Vaccinations


· Dentistry

Plaque is a collection of saliva, bacteria, and food particles that sits on the surface of your pet’s teeth. Tartar results when the Plaque becomes mineralised. As Tartar is often more than 80% bacteria, halitosis or bad breath is often the result. Other problems such as infected gums, loosening and loss of teeth through receding gums, and infections to other organs such as the heart and kidneys can occur. Dental scaling and polishing is recommended to remove residual tartar and restore your pets oral health. Prevention is the key to management of dental disease. By maintaining clean teeth, one ensures healthy gums. Good oral health is maintained by regular oral hygiene, whether by brushing or by chewing.

· Elective surgery (neutering, tumour removal etc)

· Soft tissue & orthopaedic surgery


· Radiology

Radiographs or X-Rays are a very important tool to diagnose diseases and follow their progress. Stable Close is now equipped with Computed Radiology facilities; this means better quality films and less re-takes.

· Ultrasonography


Ultrasound is a special test using sound waves to visualize organs in the chest or abdomen. It is painless and seldom requires anaesthesia or sedatives. Common uses are investigation into heart disease and examining the structures in the abdomen.

· Endoscopy

Endoscopy allows us to visualise the inside of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. It also allows collection of samples for analysis and diagnosis.

· Blood screening

In-house laboratory testing is done on site at Stable Close Veterinary Clinic. This means we can get results for a wide range of tests. We have the capability to perform complete blood counts, chemistry profiles to assess organ systems, for example liver, kidney, pancreas, blood sugar, urinalysis. We also have access to external laboratories offering same-day results for a wide range of tests. We also strongly advise pre-anaesthetic testing for older and high risk patients to establish any possible underlying conditions not obvious on clinical examination.



An electrocardiogram or ECG helps study the heart by telling us about the electrical activity of the heart. An ECG is sometimes indicated with coughing, weakness, fainting, seizures, trauma, congestive heart failure.

· Microchipping

· Hospitalisation

· Pet Passports

· 24 Hour emergency service

Our emergency work is handled by Vets Now. In case of an emergency, after hours, please phone the usual numbers at Stable Close. You will then be directed to phone the emergency number at Vets Now based in Winnal, just off the M3 at junction 9. Click here to visit their website. For any ongoing cases please advise VetsNow and they me be able to discuss these cases with us for continuity of care

Vets Now Emergency Out of Hours Care

· Wellpet Plan

See further details on the Wellpet Plan page.